Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Are you like me, where you never know where your keys are? It does not matter if my bag is small or big, I always have trouble remembering where I have put them or where they are. On the blog over the last couple of weeks and soon on some of the blogs that I will be contributing too ( this one is top secret for now ) I have been talking about giving meaning and purpose to things that are in your home. It really does make your life easier and more enjoyable. Also, who really thinks about "where will I put my keys" when they are renovating or designing a new house? .... Well, I do, as an Interior Designer it is so important to really think about all the small details because generally they are the things that will make all the difference when it comes to the final product and when you go to use things. The little things matter because if you don't have them, the little things become the big things. Having a spot for your keys or making them look funky is essential, because that way you are more likely to pay more attention to them. It can also be used for as an accessory for your console, handbag ladies and a decorative element... remember being creative is all about thinking outside the square.

Tribal is very much in and has been for a while and it is a style that I am personally drawn too. Prospector Store is just about to celebrate it's 1st Birthday on the 19th of October, which is huge achievement and worth a massive party! They are a very funky online and shop front located in Sydney's other major city hub... Parramatta. They were kind enough to want to assist me in getting some more likers on my Facebook page as well help them celebrate their 1st Birthday. To top it off they are offering free shipping on all orders until Sunday so make sure to use the word birthday in the check out to receive it!

It is very simple to win, all you need to do is LIKE My Facebook page & the Prospector Store page, share the post and you are in the chance to win.

I will be writing a piece and showcasing more about Prospector Store, next week, so stay tuned.

You can find out more about them and take advantage of their free shipping by clicking here. 
And head over to my Facebook page "like" and assist me in reaching my neck milestone. *

* please note the giveaway is running until 6pm on Sunday the 20th of October. The Jingle Jangle Dingle Dangle tribal keyring are all individually made and imported directly from India, so no two are the same. That means the one you win, may not look exactly the same as the one shown in the picture.

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