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It is such an exciting post today as I am able to share a recent interview that I was fortunate enough to do with Master Builder & Interior Designer Barry Du Bois. Barry is one of the presenters on Channel 10's hit lifestyle show "The Living Room" and gave me the opportunity recently to guest post on his blog last month. Today I wanted to share with you some insight into Barry's ideas and inspirations behind interiors as well as his favourite things to do with design, The Living Room and spending time with his twins. Hope you enjoy the interview and I had to throw in a Bunnings related question... seeming as am an ex team member, having worked there for over six years including working in the DIY section for Kids... I could not go past asking Barry about his favourite DIY nights.

Firstly Barry, thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions and give us some insight and inspiration into Interior Design and building.

1. How would you describe your personal interior style?

I personally have and eclectic style my surroundings need to reflect who I am, I like one offs and items that have a story  

2. What do you think is the best part about being a Master Builder and Interior Designer? 

I love to design and create off the brief, which I have helped draw from the clients personality. Often people are scared to express what relationship they want to have with the space. If you are patient and do not complicate that process, their acknowledgement of your success in the design, recognised through there happiness and love of the space is immensely rewarding. 

3. What do you feel inspirers you most design wise?

Human movement and interaction with the space. I am very conscious of natural light and the environment and how those elements will effect the emotions of the people who share the space. Textures, colour etc then follow those elements. 

4. As an Interior Designer myself I know how rewarding it is seeing your design and ideas come to life. Is there a particular project throughout your career that stands out to be the most rewarding for you? 

There are many but I am very proud that none of the homes I have designed in the last 20 years have been altered at all, very few have even changed a internal colour scheme. I am proudest though when I am told that they love there space and it feels apart of them. 

Bedroom Interior Design by Barry Du Bois. 

5. We all know you are a regular at Bunnings, especially in the DIY section. It used to be my favourite part of the store when I worked there because you learn so much. Do you have a particular DIY topic or area you like to teach about most? 

I do a lot of DIY nights and I make it a rule to find a project that people believe they can't achieve, what ever it is... within reason of course.  For the night I break it down in to many smaller elements and work through them all to eventually achieve what they believed the couldn't. 

6. Do you have three words or tips of wisdom for anyone starting to renovate their home? 

1. Analyse
2. Plan
3. Question 

The last four questions are going to focus on Barry's Favourites things so that we can get to know him a little better as an Interior Design, TV Presenter & Dad of two very cute twins. 

7. Do you have a favourite colour palette or colour combination? 

No, it's all and more about the space and the elements that are apart of that space, that allow the colours to come to life. This includes and most importantly the people that will inhabit the space. 

8. The hot or not segment on The Living Room, is always lots of fun to watch and always makes for a good laugh. Do you have a favourite product that you presented this season? 

I love presenting anything to relates to children, I am very big on anything to do with Kids at the moment. So I would have to say I have two favourites, the electrical fold up stroller and the burgerdoodle wallpaper. 

9. What is your favourite part of Europe? 

There is so much to list, I love decoding the history of cities via its architecture! 
I love the urban Architecture of Paris, the fortification of Valletta in Malta, the coast line of Amalfi. 
As a sailor I admire the sea gateways, back when fresh water and a trading harbour where the keys to a great city. 

10. And lastly but not least, what is your favourite way to spend the weekend at home? 

With the kids of course. Spending time with them in the garden is always great, I have learnt that it is not about trying to get things done with them but more to do with enjoying every moment. Bennet wants to be a part of everything I am doing at the moment. 

Thank you again Barry for taking the time to answer all of our questions, I very much appreciate it. Make sure to head over to Barry's website by clicking here. You can also follow him through, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram by hovering over the text you and clicking onto the social media name you can find his sites. 

Make sure to tune into The Living Room on Friday Night's 7:30 on Channel 10. And no excuses if you are out and have Foxtel IQ... make sure to tape it! 

Images sourced from Barry's Facebook page and Barry himself. 

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