Thursday, 31 October 2013


Halloween is all about celebrating those who have passed, including saints and their spirits, which has brought the tradition to being about things that are spooky and scary. Kids dress up and go and collect candy... a very fun and interesting tradition more predominately known in America. I guess it really gives us all another excuse to buy lots of nick nacks we don't really need, dress up clothes, fake blood and host parties and get togethers... I would however, love to carve a pumpkin. Never done that before... have you?

As we should always find inspiration in everything that is around us, I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon today and share with you some inspiration for dark and moody spaces. Spaces that feel very rich, small and evoke different senses and emotions within us. These spaces almost sometimes feel very warm and make you just want to curl up and hide away from the world because they are so comfortable. They are also very powerful in presence and tend to always be layered with different textures and other dark tones that either contrast to assist in giving it more depth. As much as I love bright open spaces, there is just something so intriguing about spaces that are dark, rich and luscious. As well as dark spaces there are some inspiring images of Halloween decoration that is incorporated into the home in celebration of this American tradition.

Hope it inspires you to think about different colours and the way textures, different furniture, layers and light can really change the feeling and look of a space.

Happy Halloween 2013! Let me know what you are up to and what you like about these moody space.


Ps: All images sourced from my Pinterest.
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