Friday, 25 October 2013


In the city of Sydney it is kind of expected to find some very cool stores that sell interesting pieces, but it is a truly a breath of fresh air for the Western part of Sydney to have a store that has a great little concept and treasures to be hunted for.

Prospector Store is situated in the heart of Sydney's busy second 'city', Parramatta. The store aims to assist it's customers in becoming prospectors. Let me explain a little further- The store name is based on the definition of the word prospect- which is to look forward to something in anticipation. They want you the "Prospector " to become in control of finding your own hidden treasures that you may be in search for. Hence the prospect ( hunt ) or finding something you want makes you a prospector  ( to find ),  clever little mission and one that is very effective. In keeping with their quirky nature, the store is closely curated for pieces that are sometimes vintage, unique and fun. They have many different elements that would suit for the home to clothing, art and much more.

I really like the way the store presents itself with displays that are truly playful and thought about in a different way, it would almost feel like walking into a gallery to view interesting everyday objects.
As well as the shopfront, they have a great online store, where you can find any of the pieces you may be hunting for. The store was lovely enough to assist me in a giveaway last week to celebrate their 1st birthday, which is a huge achievement! I really look forward to keeping up to date with all the new products that come in store on a regular basis. Their Facebook page is great to follow as well... so make sure you do by clicking here, just for the updates on what is the object of the day.

Here is a little sneak peek into the store itself, with the images sourced with permission from The Prospector Store. 

Below are three of the items on my wish list, make sure to pay the online store a visit by clicking here.

On my can find all these items and more here.

Happy Friday,
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