Thursday, 29 August 2013


Where are my Pina Colada's?! Spring is now two full days away and that means we are still counting down and sharing with you all what we think is going to be huge this spring. Apart from those hexagons that are popping up everywhere, florals are going to be huge this summer as well as bright colours, pastels, new take on tribal with lots of pineapples. Well, pineapples are not very new if you ask me because they were huge last summer too, but I think they are here to stay a little bit longer which is totally fine by me. I feel as though there will be a lot of reinterpretation and reinvention of the these similar prints and textiles. If you have had a chance to take a look in Freedom lately and even Ikea, you would notice that the new 2014 and summer campaigns are all centred around light colours, citrus prints ( freedom have some killer pineapple cushions at the moment!! ) fresh, lively, vibrant and happy. I think everyone has really had enough of winter and ringing in the spirit of summer in an exciting way.

Sparkk one of my favourite OZ made textiles and wall coverings are reinterpreting the pineapple and the vibrant colours with a bit of a tropical and aztec theme happening with some of their latest designs. What a great way to add some series colour and theme to particular spaces to liven them up for spring and summer. I am not lucky enough yet to own my very own Camilla piece and I am not one usually for very bright and loud colour in clothing, however I really can never NOT love Camilla's designs and the vibrance that are her prints. They are and would make you feel very special, flowing and really capture that feeling of summer, when it is so hot, coming from a long day at the beach, or heading out for some cocktails and the air is so still, stars are shinning and you do not need a jacket, even at 1am in the morning. I love that the prints and the style is reinvented and developed time and time again so that they look different but are in keeping with the identity of the brand itself. The aztec and tropical prints are all making me feel like I need to head over to the Caribbean!

I think that this spring and summer you all need to inject some floral into your space as well as lots and lots of colour. Reinvent your furniture if you have to, add a new artwork, create those funky vignettes with lots of colour and contrast, make some ice tea with lots of fruit, have a colourful fruit bowl and most importantly do not be afraid to make a change, spring is coming, shed all the winter blues, make some new goals for the end of the year and make them happen by doing!

Can you tell I am excited for SPRING? I have my very own new goal list and my very own list of things that need to get done by the end of the year so that I can enjoy my summer. What is on your list? Is it to finally paint that spare room? Is it to finally take that step into renovating? Is it just to buy some fresh flowers? Is it to spend more time enjoying the garden or being grateful for all that you have?
Let me know, I would love to hear from you all!

Here are some of the images and Sparkk prints that are inspiring me at the moment as well as being specified in an interior project! Hope they get the tick of approval!

Camilla runway looks for the MBFW 2013 Fashion Week.

You can find all of Camilla's beautiful clothes and even homewares on her website and online shop by clicking here. You can find all of Sparkk's designs on their great website by clicking here and heading under the design tab.

( Images sourced from the Camilla and Sparkk websites )


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