Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Have you ever heard of the online furniture and accessories store that is Jonathan Adler? Well if you have, you will know what a great resource it is and if you have not, well then, you have stumbled across something great that every homewares and interior lover should know about. 

Jonathan Adler himself is just that a lover of amazing design and just like a lot of us, is not snobby about where he finds his lovely pieces. He is a big believer in finding the beauty in everything even if it is something that most of us would overlook. He loves particular eras and retro pieces that can add instant interest to your home or space. The online store is a great website to add to your list of resources for amazing decor and accessories. Shipped directly from the US, you can get some really unique pieces that you cannot find her in Australia. He has a whole range of products that range from classic beautiful furniture pieces to really eclectic fun and interesting accessories. At the moment his site is marketing hair-inspiration, with retro pop art style images on your cushions of many famous faces and their hair. A great way to add some funk to your lounge if you ask me. 

Not only is it a great resource for decor but for gifts as well. If you are like me, you love giving really beautiful and meaningful gifts that are often useful. I love finding unique things that no one else has or knows about and being able to provide someone with a special gift, wether it be for a birthday or a house warming. Jonathan Adler has a great gift registry and gift guide for you all to be able to give the perfect gift to someone special. One of my favourite pieces ( which you can see below ) are the personalised items, such as cushions and coasters. The cushions can be purchased in your own initial and can add a real personal touch to a bedroom or lounge. I think that would make a very cool gift to any interior lover! 

Here are a few picks I love directly from his website. 

The Jonathan Adler website also features his own inspiration videos which you can find here, and they give you a great insight into how he loves to design and finds the beauty in anything that is ugly. 

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! 


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