Thursday, 15 August 2013


Such a great and inspiring day... cannot wait for the rest of the design fair to continue and with so much to report on. Then I get back to my organised mess that is my work station ... not my actual desk...just where the design magic happens and cant wait to get back stuck into my important projects. 

Here are a few images to share what has been happening this week including some progress shots on a whole new scheme for a client's bedroom ( the results are coming up amazingly well) and a very happy clients picture that was sent to me of my lovely cushions that were purchased. 

I also wanted to share a little quote that I found yesterday that was very cute and true. It is so important to be nice to everyone and be considerate towards other. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a VERY big advocate for this type of behavior. It is very true that it really does make all the difference. 

Feature Friday will be posted on Saturday again this week, as you all know what the feature is going to be!

Have a great night,

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