Friday, 2 August 2013


Thank god it is Friday!! And thank god Feature Friday is back and today I am talking all about myself. Yes, you read correctly, me, the person that really does not love to self promote ( even though it is essential ) will be doing it in today's post. It is actually about the other part of JDZ Designs, which is the stationary and event side of things. 

I think it comes with the territory that I love all things stationary, textiles and paper related. It all goes hand in hand and I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to explore my abilities with paper designs for weddings, birthdays, kitchen teas and christenings. 

The invite, just like a brand is always the first step to setting the tone and expectation for your event. That does not mean it has to be over the top, because keeping designs understated can always be good too but and invitation or any type of related graphic representation really shows off or tells a story related to a event. It is the way you set your invitation up that can show part of your personality as well as the theme for the event. So to me stationary and invitations are just like art works, they tell you about itself, what to expect and have a distinctive story or look. It is because of these beliefs that I developed the custom made invitation design service that is Paper Art. 

Currently I am working on a custom made invitation for a special event next year. I cannot reveal too much because it is a little bit of a secret, but it is very cool! 

Have a look below at some of the invitations and other graphic work I have designed on over the last year. 

Hope you all have a very lovely weekend!!


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