Monday, 5 August 2013


I mentioned the week before last about my love for the colour grey and how I have called it the new 'beige.' Grey has become such a great way to modernise a space especially if you want to tone down stark whites or a monochrome scheme. Grey to me creates options in interiors that are limitless, it can help create a really moody room and atmosphere without being over powering and it can really make a room warm and inviting. It to me just has more of a wow factor than often a beige wall, a brown couch or  latte coloured wall may have. In saying this, I do not mean the beige should be discounted as a colour and does not create beautiful interiors. Beige still has it's own worth and place in interiors and combined/contrasted with a grey can really give say a really classical space that contemporary edge. It can also really come down to what you want to achieve in your given space.

Grey is such a great base colour and can really assist in making majority of colour palettes really pop or compliment them very softly. With most colours you have a cooler version and a warmer version, which gives you the ability to contrast it with another bold colour. For example, the warmer tones could work really well with your plum colours or deep reds and your cooler tones could work really well with a cooler blue, lighter beiges and bright oranges. The colour has become such a staple when it comes to base options now. You cannot go to a furniture store now without finding some lovely light or dark grey combination in a lounge, chase, ottoman, arm chair or accessories. It is everywhere and in my opinion the trend has grown from the popularity of the industrial and monochrome theme. Industrial concept spaces contrasted with raw materials, metals and concrete, it is so very popular at the moment especially as we begin to see finishes such as polished concrete utilised for flooring and kitchen bench tops. This style used to be a lot more popular I feel for your commercial spaces, bars and coffee shops. It also developed I believe through the old vs new trend, where designers utilise the old facades of buildings or interiors to assist them in developing a new contemporary interior that complemented the old. So now we are seeing this look extended into residential design, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Grey concrete lights are the new in thing as well as the colour itself. I predict that it is a base and staple colour that will stay for a long time as it is such a great modern neutral to work with.

So when you are looking to revamp your space or paint a new feature wall but do not want to be so bold, how about thinking about grey? Your instinct will probably go to beige, but I really think you should all give grey a chance, especially if it works with your existing colour combo and furniture.

Enjoy scrolling through some images sourced via my pinterest. 

Beacon lighting concrete pendants.

Check out these concrete pendants that look great back onto a darker grey backdrop and modern timber table setting. Another great example of the colour grey and how grey matter materials are being
introduced into other furniture elements such as lighting. Who would have ever thought concrete and lights would be a great combination? Find these by clicking here! 

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