Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Are you loving today's post title? I have to admit, I made myself giggle just a little! Today's post is part of the Funky Furniture series that I blog about on a regular basis. My regular readers will know this of course, but all of my new visitors here is what it is about. 

Funky Furniture is where I post about some really cool unique furniture or homewares pieces I have discovered. I feel it is important to share new finds, inspire and support different design styles and concepts from around the world. Today's post is going to be about buttons, very cute ones for that fact. 

How cute are these stools? Can you imagine them being in a really playful space? I can and I can even see them used in a little kids play room or bedroom. What I love about them is that they are a feature in themselves and simple, they are in no way over the top in terms of design and style. They look so inviting to sit on and not just because they are cute but because they look comfortable at the same time. 

I also really like the colour combination used between the actual button seat and the thread detailing. The contrast allows for many different colour ways which means any set could work in many of different cool interior environments. 

The button stools called "Buttone" have been designed by Italian's  Davide Bonnani of Bozu and Michael Breschi of Gentle Giants Studio. It really shows you how one can take a really simple concept like a button and turn it into something very functional and funky. They are made from natural oak and faux leather and are made to be very easy to assemble, which I think is really important. 

All images are credited from The Design Milk blog, which is a great design and architecture blog resource. It is another one of my favorites that I follow all the time!

Hope you like these buttons as much as I do,


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