Thursday, 1 August 2013


Today has been a very busy day and even though I love it, I am beginning to run low in energy and the week ending and weekend is only going to get busier for me. I promise my posting will go back to normal tomorrow! But for now, here are some really cheesy pieces of inspiration and imagery from my Pinterest that are also on my "vision board" and always tend to keep me going when I have a long night of work ahead of me. We all need a little motivation and inspiration sometimes, even if it is really cheesy, it totally works. 

Hahaha, the last one is not inspiration for me but it is inspiration for you!! The benefits of an Interior Designer... a topic I am dying to share my thoughts on. It is coming soon, trust me.

All images are sourced from my Pinterest.

Hope you are all had a lovely Thursday! Will be back tomorrow in full blogging force!

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