Tuesday, 20 August 2013


A couple of weeks back I posted a pastel palette for inspiration, where I used one particular rustic modern style interior to share with you all this new trend of dipping your furniture. The post got amazing coverage ( thank you lovely readers ) and that particular interior image had some readers asking me about it because they loved it way too much. Today I am revealing this interior to you, which is actually a deli/cafe based in London. It was designed by Alexander Waterworth interiors and it is my latest interior obsession. There is just something about it that is very calming, soothing and ever so cool. To me it is the combination of texture vs bright colours and pastels that assist in achieving this mood. It is also very elegant and inviting to all it's customers. The finishes and interior itself is a little bold and different as it does not scream your usual beach or nautical theme, but to me it does scream summer, ice cream, sun shine and warmth. Would you be so bold as to attempt a look like this in your home? 

I think it is a great source of inspiration and starting point for those looking to do something a little different with their home, or even if you are rennovating and want a different look, why not use this as your starting point. Take elements of it and work it to your own style, mixing materials, different contrasting colours, timbers and even a little bit of dipping into your furniture. If you are going to attempt this DIY dipping of your furniture yourself, try it on something not expensive first to see if you like the resutls, or do not invest in expensive chairs so if you feel it goes out of style in five years you dont have to stress that you spent so much.

Here is a little "Get the look" style with JDZ. I really like this concept and it is very in trend at the moment and even though trends may come and go, there are ways to incorporate those trends with things that arent expensive and with timeless pieces so you wont have an "out of date look" ever. 


Here is a little inspiration on how to achieve a similar look as the images you see above. It is really just about mixing textures, materials and style. Take an not very expensive timber Bentwood chair from
Matt Blatt and make it your next DIY project. Use concrete lights from Beacon Lighting over dining area and use a more expensive copper pendant over your kitchen island. Rustic style timber wash dining table from Freedom and the ever so popular industrial style metal chairs come in a range of colours. Mix and match with pastel accessories. Plates, tea cups, napkins, cushions, vases and you have your self a completely new look. I think you could find some great accessories at the lowest possible prices at Kmart and Ikea. 

(All Interior Images have been sourced from Alexander Waterworth Interiors site for the Parsons Green project )

Hope you have a lovely warm Tuesday!


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