Monday, 26 August 2013


The weekend that was, was a pretty good one especially because it started off with a very exciting event hosted by the ever so lovely Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict. I am a very big fan of Interiors Addict and of 7 vignettes, which was started by Jen herself combining her love of interiors and her love of Instagram. It has reached amazing heights and so many Insta users and Insta lovers from all walks of life. Jen had this brilliant idea to have a 7 vignette meet up where everyone who joins in via social media can meet together in person and get to known one another. It is such a great way to connect with those who you do follow online as well as meeting new people which turn into great new friends, network and gain new followers. It is a win win on all different levels if you ask me! 

This event was held at the BoConcept Store in Sydney, which is a showroom I love and have visited every time I am in the Crows Nest area. It was a great opportunity to have the store to ourselves, look at all the beautiful furniture, enjoy some good food, get instagraming and create our very own vignettes. 

The other amazing part of the night was getting to meet and learn from Interior Design Editor of Belle magazine, Steve Cordony. Such a great experience and we all picked up some great tips from Steve himself on how to create the perfect vignette, not just for photos of course, but for your home. It is a great way of putting all your lovely and funky collectables together on show in an interesting and interactive way in your home. 

Jen herself introducing the event and talking about her love for 7 vignettes. 

My favourite photo of the night, Steve sorting through all the collectables to create his own vignette.
Have you ever wanted to know the secret to creating such great little vignettes? I thought I would share not only my personal unedited behind the scenes look at the event but also some of the great tips Steve gave us all. 

Steve started by making such great points on using height when creating a scene or vignette in your home and having a good base to work from, wether this is a console or a stack of books. Some of his main tips also included, using different textures, flowers, coral, candles ( always have a candle ) , painting, image, statue, vase .... anything you have that you love and shows your personality. It is then important to gather it all together in a manner that allows it to demonstrate a theme or story. You would not put every single object you could find in the one vignette, you have to be selective according to the story you are trying to create. Steve also made the point of using objects that show personality and that you should always mix it up by change the objects around, using different ones, different colours, textures to continually create new stories. He point out that this way you keep your home interesting and refreshing. 

Some great tips there to help you create your own little vignette in your home or even for the next 7 vignettes that will be starting on, the first day of spring, which is in fact my birthday.  

Below you can get a sneak peek into my unedited images that I took myself from the night. I think it is so refreshing to showcase images that are maybe not entirely professional but give you a great insight into the space and the night. There are some great professional ones too on Jen's blog today. I am actually in a couple of the pictures...woohoo... except I didnt know they were being taken, so I do not seem too happy... but I assure you, I was very happy and having a great time. I think I am going to have to get thinking about changing up my candid face for better candid images! 

Loving this rug and artwork from BoConcept Sydney

Very cool Ping Pong table at BoConcept Sydney

Cute candle stick holders! You cannot go past love! 

Steve in action at BoConcept Sydney.

More of Steve in action at BoConcept. So great to see him creating these vignettes
right in front of us.

Steve's very own Vignette.

Very cool simple candle of Steve's.

More Hexagons at BoConcept Sydney.

Funky Artwork at BoConcept Sydney.

Absolutely love this wall paper image at BoConcept Sydney.


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