Friday, 30 August 2013


Continuing the count down to Spring means that we are also heading into Father's Day this weekend. 
It is always nice to have a day dedicated to your dad and mother to let them know how grateful you are for everything that they may do for you and to honor them for being parents. I am not a parent myself, but I guess one day I will be and it will be those special days that make all the harder ones and challenging days worth it. There is the argument that appreciation and love should not be shown just on one particular day but everyday, which I whole heartily agree with, but I guess it is more of a consistent way of the whole nation to ban together and dedicate it to either your dad or your role models. I find it really difficult buying anything for my dad because he really is not your typical Mr. Sporty, Mr. Action, Mr. Adventure kinda guy, he is more the Mr.Cooking, Mr. Arty, Mr. Music, Mr. Eclectic kinda guy which means things like footy tickets, beers, bbq's and an adventure activity is not going to cut it. This year I am finding it particularly difficult to buy my dad something special that he does not already have and does not already love. He just really does not fit the mould and not in a bad way, as everyone has their own personalities and loves, which I would never change in my own Dad because if I did, I properly would not be the creative person I am today. 

I wanted to introduce you to a great website that I think is really breaking the mould in terms of buying products and or gifts for men with their take on "breeds" of men and having a lots of catagories and products that cater to not just one type of guy or Dad in this case. The online shopping stop for men is Navy Crockett. I absolutely love it because it means I can really pin point the type of guy I am looking to shop for and I can find some really different and cool things I probably would not find in a standard store. Tick! I have found something I think my Dad would like. It is not just great for the Dad's but great for the boyfriends too and here are my top five picks below for a fun, creative, fashion loving, coffee drinking, cooking loving Dad. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift, head over to Navy Crockett's website now

Why not gift a great print for your Dad's own Man Cave?

Is your Dad a lover of Coffee? 

Bright cool shoes to jazz up any outfit! 

Does your Dad like to cook? Why not get him a Diamond Sharpener?
Does he love music and not know how to use technology well? This could be a great
gift for when they are cooking or enjoying a nice working day in their studio's
 = one happy funky Dad

All images sourced directly from the Navy Crockett website and can be found under all their breeds listings. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy your first day of SPRING!

Looking forward to ringing in the new season with you all.


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