Tuesday, 13 August 2013


What a big week it is going to be! There is so much happening at JDZ HQ as well as the much anticipated Sydney Indesign starting officially on Thursday. I really cannot wait as there is going to be so many new discoveries and industry events to attend, which of course I will be blogging about. As it is such a crazy Indesign week,  I wont be blogging everyday ( only for this week ) as I am going to be out and about learning and finding new things to introduce to you all. That does not mean you should not be checking in here as I will be posting many Behind The Scenes pictures this week to record the events and the journey, after all, this blog is about finding out behind the life of a designer and all that inspirers them in day to day life. 

Have you all had a chance to grab a copy of Real Living magazine yet? It is a pretty good read this month and I have to say, I was right! So many hexagon inspired bits and pieces, even a colourful hexagon clock was featured ( see below ) It is all about the flower power trend that has hit and looking forward to spring! Well, I cannot wait till spring because it is always a special time for me... and those who know me well, know why! Do you all have a favorite magazine you love to read? 

In today's post you will also see many BTS pictures from the end of last week and I am so excited to say that the bathroom renovation I had the pleasure of working on is coming to a close, which means, the clients finally get to use their beautiful new bathrooms they LOVE and all the electrical work should be done soon. I also spent some time with another lovely client picking some paint colours for a new and improved bedroom, which I am very much looking forward to seeing the results on. We took a bit of a risk and went for a very very bold dark grey teamed back with off white to contrast. I will keep you posted with more BTS pictures this week. It is lots of fun to work on quick turn around projects sometimes that are really easy and fast in process. It also helps when your clients are very appreciative of your opinion and put their trust in you and believe that you are there to help them as much as possible and not the opposite.

Things you should look out for this week which I think is great for finding new accessories is the launch of the new IKEA catalogue and reveal of their new kitchen display with great new ideas and Kmart's "Time to Change Your View" campaign. Kmart has really been doing well with their marketing this year and has been promoting their lowest prices, which are ridiculously good. Like I have mentioned before I am in no way a furniture snob and believe you can find anything, anywhere, even if it is $2. I wanted to share this image today that is on the inside front cover of Real Living this month because I was really taken a back by the styling and the concept of changing your view towards accessories. It gives anyone the ability to have choices in picking very funky and cute accessories for very little prices, this means you can mix up your dining experience or home accessories for very little if you get bored or just feel like a .... change. 

It also relates to this accessibility to decorating and design that is becoming ever so trendy now so that everyone can have the ability to attempt to do it themselves.
The point is, you should never dismiss something just because of its name or where it comes from. If it helps complete your look, it helps complete your look... really simple as that.  

Hope you are all having a great start to the week! Looking forward to keeping you posted on my design journey this week. 

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by, 


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