Friday, 17 January 2014


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As an interior designer myself, it is one of the main topics when in a general conversation, of where and how we find the right pieces of furniture. How do you do it? Where do I go? And I am on a budget so how the hell do I find that perfect piece without breaking the bank? Well, do we have the new resource for you! 

It is very much brand new and really hasn't officially been launched onto the app market just yet ( Feb 2014 - Stay tuned ) but it will be worth the wait... it is called Couchelo. An online marketplace that allows you to not only view and buy but also sell pre loved furniture and homewares. It is all based on location too, so the app knows where you are and will direct you to the nearest suppliers, even people who are registered sellers on the app so that you can find that perfect piece you are after AND not break your bank account at the same time. Brilliant idea right? My prediction is, that it is going to hit the online world and go viral as there really isn't any kind of resource like this for us furniture and homewares lovers.

 Not only am I a huge supporter of small business but I am a huge supporter of great ideas and making life a lot easier for those who are wanting to find that perfect piece of furniture. I know that If I ever get a client that is looking for something vintage, reused or with a story behind it, I will be definitely using this resource to assist myself in locating it. I have a lot of product knowledge myself and am always on top of everything, latest trends, latest furniture lines etc ( something that is imperative for all designers to be into) so naturally you can understand my extreme excitement to be let into the loop about Couchelo

The app which will be available for majority of mainstream mobile devices is currently undergoing trial run and will be available on the market as soon as possible. Make sure to keep up to date with all things Couchelo by clicking here and following me, because I am sure to be one of the first to download and use this awesome new app. 

You can also like Couchelo on Facebook by clicking here and Twitter... so make sure you do. 

Image sourced from Couchelo website

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 

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