Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I am launching a new regular post on my blog as I am not only very passionate about design and my job but I am becoming increasingly passionate about developing a healthy and happy lifestyle inside and outside of our bodies. So welcome to Warrior Wednesdays, where we explore avenues on how to develop our wellness.

I am a huge believer in doing things that we love and not spending our precious time doing and working on things that do not honour our true selves. We all have a great purpose and it is our job to bring it to the world so loving yourself, your body, your home and your life is paramount. Yes, I am getting all philosophical and sappy on you... but I can assure you it is such a great way to live your life and I want to share my discoveries and inspirations with you all, especially interior based.

Today I want to share with you a true warrior and wellness advocate; Melissa Ambrosini. I absolutely love her blog and her website, it is such a great source of inspiration. Today she was talking on the Wellness Guys show, which is also a great show that really gives us great advice on how to keep our lives rich and happy.

I really encourage you to listen to this half an hour pod cast if you are having one of those flat days, trying to figure out what you want wanting to do and achieve, because achieving is believing... yes, I am being very cheesy... I know... but it is true!

You can find the pod cast by clicking right here: LISTEN TO ME

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