Friday, 31 January 2014


Yesterday I was completely inspired to share this with you and all because of Darren Palmer. Yes, you all know who he is, Block Judge, regular all round nice guy who always favours my tweets... which I really appreciate by the way and to top it off a great Australian Interior Designer. He shared with the world something that really inspired him, which in turn inspired me to write this post today.

Often it isn't very well understood what Interior Designers actually do with space and I often find myself saying that I am an Interior Architect ( All my girlfriends do it too ) because otherwise it just gets very confusing and we often get called Interior Decorators. NOT that there is anything wrong with that... I love styling and I love decorating, it a huge part of the job and it is a lot of fun, but I didn't really go to University for ... lets just say a long time, work my absolute arse off, get slammed and stress just for style. There is so much construction content that we have to know and understand, as well as knowing how to organise space and inform how people inhabit that space. It is all about documentation, space planning, electrical plans, lighting, specifications, materials, style and then decoration. There is a hell of a lot of work that goes into it and that is not even talking about decoding the brief, coming up with the concept ( or program ), considering use of space, details AND the surrounding environment, sun, shadows, east west, north south... yes! It is all VERY important!

Which is why I often find that sometimes us Interior Designers are a little under valued because lines between Stylist and Designer are very blurred. We are stylists yes but even if it is just style or decoration it is never just easy or something that happens over night ( unless you are on The Block, but it still isn't easy ) which is why I wanted to share this today. Us Designers, Stylers and Decorators all have a very strong mutual respect for each other in our community and it is very important to realise that what we do is VERY hard work. We are not just finger pointers by any means... far out I HATE that term... and yes I have been called it and no I do not appreciate it. So let me just get the record straight... everyone should watch this very inspiring video that really captures what Interior Designers do as a job, especially the ones that have been doing it for a very long time and are good at it. When I watched this video I remembered why I decided to become an Interior Designer... and yes there are days where I think... why? Why did I pick this?!

Apart from getting insight, 432 Park Avenue is an amazing development in New York that will just blow your mind!

Head on over to Designbloom and watch it now by clicking here. All images below are sourced directly from Design Bloom which were put together for 432 Park Avenue by Deborah Berke and her team.

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