Monday, 20 January 2014


Even though we generally shouldn't be looking in the past and always living in the present moment, I was thinking today about a particular trend in 2013 that showed up. I particularly had mixed emotions about it because it caught the tail end of the year and wasn't really sure if it was going to take off. So, we all know that fashion and design pretty much are all in one, so whatever fashion dictates you know eventually we will be seeing it pop up in homewares and the like, so when ombre became a huge fashion statement in hair and clothing last year... heck even I have ombre hair, which I love by the way, it showed up in interiors. It started making it's way through in fabric patterns, paper stationary and general homewares, so even though I loved it in fashion, I was left a little confused as to wether it really worked for interiors. In my opinion in certain settings it looks absolutely amazing and can really set the mood for a very cool boho or eclectic style interior, but is it something that really lasts? This is one trend in 2013 that left me feeling a little empty and despite its beauty, not sure if it was really going to last. What do you think?! In my opinion gradients are something that does look great, but not really practical for all styles and works best in black & white! Tomorrow I will talking about my take on a trend in 2014 that I think is a good one.

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