Tuesday, 21 January 2014


It has been a bit of hit and miss with Pantone's colour of the year Radiant Orchid, some really love the colour and some not so much. What is your take on the soft purple? These type of tones are always associated with being quite girly and not really presenting a masculine feel, which makes the colour a little difficult to work with, if you have a client that isn't very forth coming to exploring more than just your average colour palette. Tones and contrasting colours of purple can actually be a very great combination to create a fun, elegant and stylish interior. Plum was a colour utilised a couple of years back in a lot of interiors and styling, where you could find many different homewares pieces in a shade of purple. I personally really like the colour and feels it leaves a world of interpretation out there, so today I want to talk about different ways you can use Radiant Orchid to style with.

Would you introduce purple into your home? Are you a purple lover?

Ps: It is not entirely purple- it throws off a little bit of pink too. 

So, here are my tips on introducing the colour into your interior with lots of inspirational imagery to follow...

- Artwork is very important for a home so why not express it in some different tones? 

- Fresh flowers and orchids themselves, they come in a beautiful purple tone and make for a great fresh and elegant setting in a clear vase or grey one 

- The three ingredients to a happy living room, rugs, throws, cushions & ottomans - but don't make all of them the same colour of course! 

- Accessories, just like a great outfit combination, an interior needs to be dressed up too. That means, books, vases, stationary, cards, candles... 

- Prints and lush materials 

- Lighting, lighting, lighting 

Great colour palette combo inspiration right here, team it with a beautiful neutral/grey and you have yourself a winning combination.

All images sourced from Pinterest.
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