Monday, 13 January 2014


It is still very early in the new year, only 13 days to be exact, which means we have a lot of time up to jump in and start thinking about all our visions and goals for 2014. I really love this time of year because you can get as creative as you want and then forget all about the intensions you set and then often find you have made even the smallest goals complete at the end. There is always a lot of talk about New Year resolutions which I mentioned at the start of this year but there is also lots of talk and imagery going on at the moment in regards to the vision you want to create for yourself in 2014. Some maybe very skeptical about it all and think this never works, but honestly, it is not wether it works or not, it is just about giving yourself and your ideas some purpose and motivation to achieve things in the next 365 days that you haven't done yet. Vision boards are floating around for life choices but I wanted to ask if you have created a vision board for your home or for your interiors? Do you have major renovations that you have planned this year and real interior goals in mind? I know this post spins off the last one, but I really think it is important to set even the smallest intensions for your space. Take me for example, my office is getting a complete make over, there is stuff everywhere and I have some real specific ideas for that space, so I have a little inspiration board happening of elements I would like to include. ( Will share this with you later in the year ) Images are often the place where it all starts and gives you all the ideas and vision for what you would like to achieve. I get asked so much how to just get started or what direction to go in... and I always say, do your research, find five images that you love and make them your vision for what you want to make out of your space or home improvement. It may not look identical in the end, but you don't really set yourself up to copy, it is just a bouncing board.

What is on your home 2014 vision board? Do you have a dream home or style you would like to achieve? Share it with me below!

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