Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Over the past couple of years as my circle of friends has expanded and we have grown older, we are all reaching that next stage of our lives where we are preparing to fly the coop. It is a little unbelievable that this year alone we will be attending six weddings, whom are all very good friends or close relatives young in age. It is pretty amazing how time brings forth all these different stages. These stages have brought up a lot of questions about what I think is best to look for when wanting to buy all your new furniture for the new pad. It has been dominating phone conversations that is for sure!

I was recently having a discussion with a close girlfriend who is preparing to move out very soon with her soon to be husband and was looking for great quality, comfortable linen. So, I thought why not do a post on the blog about what I look for and what I think are the best elements to create a really comfortable bed. Your bed is super important as you pretty much spend almost half your life sleeping which it allows your body to restore itself so having the right support and comfort is essential. To me it is not something that you skimp on... by the way, I need to take my own advice because my mattress is completely outdated and not supportive anymore! It's on the "To Do List" trust me.

Good quality linen, duvet covers, throws and pillowcases can be hard to come by, which is why I wanted to share with you a great bedding resource, Parachute. They have a great range available at affordable prices. Currently, personally and a lot of my friends are after things that have a really natural look to them, so there does not have to be too much fuss about the sheets, they always look clean, they are simple, feel good and neutral.

Here are some of my favourite tricks when making your bed look pretty amazing and just overall effortless.

+ Think about it as a composition - Layer the bed with different colour linen. For example you may have a white flat sheet and loose sheet but then two different combination of colours for the pillowcases and a different colour for the duvet cover.

+ Add character to a bed by adding at most 3 cushions. Yes, see how I did not say 10 cushions? It is very unnecessary to have excessive amounts of small cushions, 3 is enough and it allows you to have two different colour combinations.

+ Have different sized pillows, 2 x large square size and 2 x normal sleeping size.

+ Add texture to the bed by complimenting it with a casual throw to make it feel that extra comfortable and inviting. Your bed is also a great place for journaling, reading, meditating so having a great throw to lie on top of with your normal clothes is a great idea. 

All products shown in the images below can be found at Parachutes to create your ultimate sleeping haven.

Make sure to visit their website by clicking here

Images sourced from Parachutes. 
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