Saturday, 3 January 2015


I have had a pretty crappy way to start the new year. 
Sick in bed for three days recovering from some sort of sickness that struck me down.
It is so unfortunate however, there are a lot more other people suffering with much
worse conditions and circumstances daily. The one positive thing... if I was to find one specific one, is that I have had time to reflect, really reflect on the year that was 2014 and how I want 2015 to be.
I guess as well, it can really only get better from here! Here's hoping anyway!
2014 was a pretty good year, full of leaping outside of the comfort zone and completing some rather large projects. The last six months itself have been amazing for the business development, lessons and of course our holiday! 
That was by far, the absolute highlight of the year!

I was asked a couple of times, " why are you going overseas now?" 
"what are you going to do with the business, your clients?" " aren't you afraid of what
will happen with work? " I found these questions very interesting as I was so happy with the decision and it could not have come at a better time personally for me. Would you believe it actually made me a lot busier and by conscience more in demand! 
Hilarious really!

Without further ado here all the BTS pics of the highlights!

Lets all hope 2015 picks up from here on in. 

For me the first of Jan starts tomorrow!

The day we found the pendant light had split glass... worst... ever!

Putting together material palettes 

Moonlight Cinemas - Grease! One of my favourite movies! 

Featured in the "Collective Mag" - Another massive highlight of 2014

Meeting Darren Palmer 

Turning this ex Com bank building into a showroom. Massive Challenge!

Sparkk Cushions ready for the farmhouse. 

Then I chopped all my hair off and my bestie came to visit from the UK 

What construction sites look like early in the morning with horrible lighting!

The styling and transformation!

Transformation in process. 

Help re painting an existing light fitting 

Kitchen install almost complete.

Another awesome highlight! Having a fun day with a great client of mine. 

Holidays in Santorini 

Holidays in Santorini part 2... the day we climbed a volcano and have never been so dehydrated in my life!

Thats me! 

Awesome dining set install in one of our recent jobs! 

Laughing lots with Shelley! 

Albury complete! 

Dining room reveal! 

Entry way reveal! How great is the "Lizard Lounge" 

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