Wednesday, 14 January 2015


2015 has not exactly started with the bang I would have hoped for, but I guess that is what life is all about, ups, downs and all the little in betweens. It has reminded me with a very hard hitting smack in the face that you lose your health very very quickly and that it should always be your number one priority. I did not actually know how badly I needed some rest until I was hit with the sick stick and right on new years day of all times. It is so funny, well, not in your 'hahaha' rolling on the floor kind of way, but more the "told you so" kinda way that of course when I get a sick and I mean any type of your typical sickness, common cold, you name it, I don't just get it and it goes away in two days, I REALLY get it and it wipes me out. It takes me forever to get back to myself, an even bigger incentive to continually strive to be at the top of my game. I knew I was letting the ball drop as the end of 2014 rolled around. It was crazy busy and even though it was my healthiest year yet, I was reminded the importance of slowing down and taking time out.

 It just goes to show that even though we are all made up the same way, each and every body is actually really different, reacts to things differently and feels pain in an entire different manner. It is very subjective at times just like anything creative, how you like your home and interior. The way one person may feel it, interact with it or like it is completely different to your neighbour, sister, brother or lover. This is why compassion and understanding are qualities that are very important to me and why I strive to show these qualities when I enter into someone's scarred space, especially when it is their home. It is a little different in commercial environments but I believe having that kind of sensibility in your work, knowing how to listen and relate to people on a compassionate level and translating it, is what makes you a great designer. It is in no way an easy task... trust me on that one.

So what can you expect form us in 2015? 

A whole heap of compassion, sensibility with a side of fun and innovative interiors, residential and commercial. Also, a whole heap of free resources for my readers to learn how to unlock the love for their spaces and lots and lots of more attention and focus back on this amazing blog. Then there is a whole heap of stuff I have no idea about... honestly, I have no idea what could be happening tomorrow, which is half the fun. That is something that really excites me at the start of every new year, you have no idea what is lying ahead of you, so I very much hope 2015 is full of GOOD surprises and great clients just like 2014.

We're back in full swing and ready for all the amazing projects that are waiting for us!

Ps: is 2015 the year of our online store? Let's hope so!! Stay tuned!

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