Thursday, 22 January 2015


Have you ever heard someone say, your space is a direct reflection of your mind? When your mind is cluttered with so much stuff, things to remember, scattered, things tend to be everywhere? Have you noticed? If you have not noticed, then I invite you to take a moment and really observe be present a look around yourself.

Is there a lot of stuff everywhere? Can you never keep anything neat? 

I thought so, we all do it and it is my mission to help you become really mindful of your space, both inside and out. They correlate believe it or not and it is a mirror of your internal mind. It happens to me all the time, things start off really clean and tidy and then... BOOM, the tidal wave that is my mind trying to keep up with everything happening is lost in a state of samples, paperwork, computer gadgets I hate, mail, bills, things to remember to pay, pens, paints, and butter paper.

I do have specific goals this year but mostly I have specific words that I want to work towards being. One of them is flowing and I mean it in every sense of the word as I tend to be a little of a control freak from time to time, it pops up and makes my life and work a lot harder. So with letting go of the sense of perfection I introduce the idea of flow into my life, I want a good flow especially when it comes to my work space and mind. 

The thing is, how do we get there when everything seems to be taking over and you almost feel like you're drowning below it all?

+ Firstly, begin to mindful, take a step back and observe it all for what it is. Whatever room it may be, even if it is your mind. Just stop. 

+ Make categories for your mess. 

" THINGS TO KEEP" " IMPORTANT" " BILLS" and begin sorting. If you have not looked at that article you were ment to read since last December, bin it, it's gone. Be ruthless, you will not believe how liberating it will be.

+ When trying to get rid of things, think about and ask yourself these questions: 

 "DOES THIS HAVE PURPOSE?" " "DOES THIS SERVE ME OR HELP ME?"  " WILL I NEED IT IN A YEAR? " You will know the answer and then just BIN IT! But remember always be sustainable, so make sure all paper and recyclables go straight into the recycling.

+ Have task areas in your work area. This tip applies only to your study and work area, however we can think about it in terms of other spaces too. Areas of your home are dedicated to specific tasks and functions so really try not to mix the zones. It makes the mind and activity a lot more clearer and defined.

+ Do this at least every two months to stay on top of things. You can do it! 

Image sourced from Pinterest. 
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