Saturday, 3 January 2015


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The other great thing about having some time over this break and this time of year is discovering lots of great new resources that I cannot wait to use this year. I am always on the look out for great sites that have unique products available, so when I become aware of them, I love to share. 

Minted is a great website and not just because of the products available but because it supports independent designers and artists located in 43 different countries throughout the world. This gives us creative types the real opportunity to showcase our talents and discover some really unique and innovative products/designs that you would not find elsewhere. 

The site has several different parts dedicated to different designs and products. It is a fabulous resource for those planning a wedding, looking for a unique gift and wanting some cool fabric to do some DIY in the home, which is why today I want to share with you my Minted Wishlist! 

Currently on trend this summer and holiday season is lots of soft water colour tones/textures and foil artworks and we all know how much I love a geometric print!

Oh and did I mention you can personalise may different products too? Personalisation, monograming is another great trend that is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to gifts, parties and weddings. 

Check out my Wishlist below with all the links provided. 

I absolutely love geometrics and watercolour, so this is an absolute favourite.
Find it on the Minted website by clicking here.

Another great watercolour piece with a great colour combination.
Find it on the Minted website by clicking here.

I absolutely LOVE this, so unique and great little pattern!
Find it on the Minted website here.

I love bunting and love marble so I think this is a great design and by personalising it, it is perfect
for a wedding or any special occasion. Id personally love it for my office!
Find it on the Minted website here. 

Different variations of the marble bunting!
Find it on the Minted website here.

Absolutely love this cool simple material that would add some real style to
any neutral existing palette. Find it on the Minted website here. 

All images are sourced from the Minted website so make sure to
check it out! 
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