Monday, 19 January 2015


This week is focusing on the new year and it cannot be a new creative year without the announcement of the Pantone Colour Of The Year. There has been a lot of speculation around this colour, which I feel pretty much happens every year, as the colours have not been as conventional or easy on the "palette" per say than most other years. I have to say though, I very much love the colour prediction for this year, Marsala. When I think of Marsala or I hear the word I instantly think of my dad cooking and making his famous marsala stake sauce, the sweet and musty smell of a really dark red almost brown glistening au ju ( french for sauce made with it's own juices ) ... I am getting hungry just talking about this. I also love the colour red, it is my favourite colour... I know, slightly shocking, it is a horrible colour for anything in an interior, except for accents and it has to be treated very carefully. Which is why I think I really love this year's prediction, it is such a deep rich colour that I think will be great for winter 2015. You read it hear first! My prediction for winter 2015 will be very earthy and a testament to Marsala.

What do you think about Marsala? Do you like? Do you not? Why? Share with me all your thoughts!!

Look out for the next post on Marsala where I will be highlighting my favourite stylish items in the colour.

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Lots of love,

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