Monday, 17 June 2013


Something that always gets me through a Monday morning lately is reading every bloggers posts about the latest room reveal on The Block. It has been a very hot topic over the last month it is one of my favourite shows at the moment. I am really surprised this is my first post about it.

My family think I am a little crazy because I absolutely LOVE it and really want to apply! There is just something about construction sites and turning nothing into an absolutely amazing creation that gets me buzzing. It is honestly, a very rewarding process, especially because it is a lot of hard work!

I have not had the pleasure of designing a kitchen yet, but I have to say it is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you are a Block fan like me you would have heard them mention that over and over again during prep. It is the centre of your home, it is where you cook, entertain, get together and can often be a gathering point where families after a long hard day at work join to talk about their days.
It is a space that generates union and relationships between people and other spaces in the home. I love open plan kitchens and kitchens that have a lot of workspace and practicality.

I think one of the most important things to think about when designing a kitchen is storage and circulation. How you are going to interact in the space, move around and store things is critical.

I think all five teams on The Block this week really nailed that aspect on the head and they did come up with five beautiful designs. I have to say though I am glad Trixxy and Johnno won! They deserved it, it is was the most light and fresh kitchen out of the lot.

As you can see in the image below a kitchen is a great way to experiment with different finishes and colour palettes. I think it was a really clever move for Trixxy and Johnno to use the same tile from their his and hers as their splash back. It really carries the theme through the house and even though they are not as bold, they are a great way to create a unique and simple feature. Same goes for the Twins, really love the concrete bench top, I really feel that was the best element in their design choices this week.
As for the other teams they really give you the opportunity to understand how joining spaces can link together and relate to such a large important area as the kitchen and how you use the similar finishes to compliment the adjoining space. The other great tip to take from these rooms is that a kitchen doesnt have to be clinical in any way, you can introduce great art pieces with splashes of colour that allows you to draw personality and style to your kitchen.

All images sourced from The Block Website. You can find out where to source all these items
by clicking here.

Can you tell I cannot wait to design my own kitchen? Because I can't! Maybe it will be on next years Block. Looking forward to hearing the other contestants reviews on tonights episode.

Happy Monday,

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