Friday, 7 June 2013


Seeming as we are ringing in the Queen's birthday long weekend today I thought I would dedicate my post to all things British.

I had the pleasure of exploring London about four years ago and it was amazing. I really enjoyed the five days I spent living in Camden and catching up with friends. It surprisingly felt like home and was a good feeling hearing the english accent, even if I was made fun of by locals because my pronunciation was all wrong. But yes, I still love London.

One of my favourite British Interior Designers is Abigail Ahern. She has a very unique sense of style and has a great book, website and blog that is filled with lots of inspiration. I particularly love her blog because it is personable, you just want to keep reading and reading. This unique style I mentioned is very distinctive and a little dark but she just has a real gift for mixing different textures and design elements that some of us just would not even consider or think about. That to me is what makes her so enjoyable to keep up to date with. She even has her own design school! Click here to check all things Abigail.

Visit Abigails amazing blog

John Lewis is a huge department store in London and Wales that stocks everything from homewares to gardening supplies. It is like Bunnings and Ikea all rolled into one. Last year I sourced some wallpaper that I discovered here that was ridiculously expensive and found it via John Lewis so much cheaper and had it shipped in for the project. One of my besties who is now living in London just moved into her new abode and sent me a whatsapp text this morning telling me I had to help her with her new room.

So here are some of my favourite pics from the John Lewis website, including one of my very own designs. I picked the pieces keeping her in mind and I especially picked pieces that are vibrant to help bring colour and brightness to her room. It may be a little daring for her but I think she should be a rebel.

Picked by JDZ with images sourced from the John Lewis website and Society6.
The colourful wallpaper is my favourite along with my cushion and little paddington bear.
Wallpaper does not always have to be for a wall. You can always frame it and turn it into a
piece of art. Same goes for funky materials. 

You can find all these pieces on the John Lewis website and my profile on Society 6. 

Happy long weekend!

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