Monday, 17 June 2013


"The secret to a balanced life?  It begins within oneself and spreads to the world around"

The Dalai Lama's recent visit to Sydney has me wondering.

Is our environment moulded by us? Or are we as individuals merely the result of years of environmental pressure?

I suspect that the answer with be a little from column A, a little from column B.

But what we're looking for isn't a direct answer, it's only to start you thinking.

How much do your surroundings change who your are? Does life in a clinically sterile environment force an individual to become cold and unnaturally insensitive? Does time submerged in overpowering colours morph someone into a mess of uncontrollable emotion?

These are juxtaposing extremes of too little and too much, and there is a balance somewhere in the middle that must be found.

...And finally we return to the topic of balance. Do you think your home is balanced? Sometimes being off centre, even if it is artwork can really make a wall space work so how do you feel you achieve it in your home? Is it by the way you orientate a space? Taking certain elements away?

( It feels like this post is more about 21 questions on balance)

One thing is certain though, we can find inspiration and balance anywhere.

You never know when you'll find your balance, it may even come to fruition in the backalleys of Melbourne central.

JDZ on our trip to Melbourne at the end of last year. I love going on
designer trips with her and finding all sorts of new inspirations as well
as having some down time. 

Hope you find your balance in your day today.


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