Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I have never been antique shopping, but it is a real fun experience. There is so much to find and so many great pieces. What is really interesting is finding out about what era it is from and the history behind the piece. All day I could not stop wondering where certain things were found and who they originally belonged to. When looking for an antique piece it is really important to look for something that is still in good shape and is authentic. It is also important to think about the use of the piece and how you can accentuate it in the space you are going to use it in. You can also find pieces that can be restored and used for something else. For example you could use an old desk or console and turn it into a vanity for a bathroom, the options are endless.

Mixing old with new can be a really great way of adding layers to your home and style. Hopefully some of these awesome pieces I discovered today will be specified in this up coming project.

What is also great about antique or vintage pieces is that they bring their history with them and then become a great talking point.

Hope you all had a long weekend,

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