Friday, 13 December 2013


It is nearing the end of 2013 and with that comes the new prediction and nomination for colour of the year from none other than Pantone. Do you know what Pantone is? Well, it is the universal colour chart of all colours for designers and printers alike, it just makes sure that we all have a reference to every colour combination around and it just makes it so easy knowing that we can reference the colour and everyone/anyone you are working with will know the exact combination to achieve the  exact colouring you are after. There is a real art to the printing process and understanding colours and how they transform from digital to print, from screen to paper etc. It really isn't so black and white, as what you may understand to be black, may not be black at all, it may be a really dark brown or blue, so you have to be very careful. Colour variation occurs all the time and it also just doesn't happen from screen to screen it happens when it is applied to different materials and paper weights as well.

It is an exciting time of year to know the Pantone colour prediction for 2014 is here and we know what will be very popular over the next year. I think it is a very good prediction as for the last couple of months leading into the new summer season, the bright as well as pastel colour combination have been very prominent. Just as the name suggests it is very vibrant/radiant and warming... What do you think of the new colour of the year?

Ps: Orchids are my favourite flower!

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