Monday, 3 March 2014


I know I know, I have been missing in action! Promise I am back this week with lots of awesome posts! The first one is the review of The Block reveals last night. How about the drama behind the judging? What did you think? Do you think the Twins were judged harshly? It must be really tough for the judges because they are truly trying to be constructive but when all your hard work, sweat and tears goes into something it is very hard to hear criticism. I have to say though the super K's have done it again and they are unstoppable! Absolutely amazing finishing and materials AND what about that BATH?! Absolutely amazing! It definitely made me want to get in. I think now the couples have all really found their styles and are each demonstrating them very well in their rooms. My second favourite was Chantelle and Steve this week, especially with those amazing marble mosaics.

One thing that I can say is that all the couples are using a mixture of different materials and textures, especially timber with tiles. I would really like to see ( as much as I love the use of timber- they are all doing it) one of the teams think outside of that square now and use another material.

What was your favourite this week?

All images can be found from The Block website and all inspiration and products from
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