Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I could not believe that they didn't want to showcase the results of the winners on Sunday night as usual... bold move by the nine network and The Block producers if you ask me. Everyone was so annoyed that they didn't know share the news on Sunday... it really left us all hanging, but I really did have a feeling that Brad and Dale were going to take out the win this week. The boys really do deserve a lot of credit for their hard work, relaxed nature and bright ideas. I really do think they crowned the win as they really thought outside the box, I don't think the aesthetic was as elegant and wow as some of the other rooms, even though their bathroom finishes were exceptional. The thing is... it really is all subjective which makes the judges role very difficult. They really do need to consider many other factors when deciding on the winner other than just "look" and "feel" which is why I feel the boys overall risk, concept and finishes brought them over the line. Hat off to Chantell and Steve though, they really have come a long way and refined their wacky style.

My favourite this week, was not really any particular room but the void in the twins apartment, as well as all the textural wall finishes and hardware. How amazing are the sleek black taps and vanities? They really win me over including the perforated metal spiral stairs!

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