Friday, 18 April 2014


Knowing how to bring a typical room or space in your home to life is something many of us struggle with. How does one bring style and life to a room that is neutral or lacking in colour? It is such a loaded question and I am sharing a story and room reveal with you today that it is going to show you first hand how easy and inexpensive it can be. It is going to inspire you to no end and demonstrate how having a little courage and fun with colour in a pre existing space is the answer.

As you all already know, I am one of the experts on The Design Tribe forum, where anyone can post up questions or topics to do with anything lifestyle or interiors. I love it because it is such a great resource for design addicts and lovers of interiors, as well as many who are seeking a little bit of extra assistance or quick expert opinion if they are renovating. Kellie posted up a pictures of her existing living room ( which you can see below ) and asked for assistance with colour, as she was unsure of what colours would help bring her existing living room to life. She also wanted to know about adding in an open book case and how to style it. I immediately jumped on Pinterest and grabbed a few colour inspirational pictures and gave her as much direction and advice I could. Immediately I pin pointed that filling in the area near the TV was a good idea with the open book case, but I also felt that using existing blue cushions would be a starting point for colour. This neutral palette and beachy blue gave me the impression of a relaxed space, which meant my main advice was to play off it but to contrast it with another bolder colour. A warmer colour like an orange always works well when you have light timber tones and not to mention works fantastically against shades of blue. I had extreme faith that Kellie could take the advice given and make the changes she was wanting to make.

A couple of busy weeks later, I hadn't had a chance to head to The Design Tribe forum for a couple of days, so when I did, I was surprised by these fantastic after shots from Kellie's post. I was extremely happy with the result, not to mention how she and her husband took on board the advice and translated it into their space.

You all know I am super passionate about being an Interior Designer and helping my clients, so for me this was again confirmation that assisting people to make their spaces come to life, even in the simplest of forms is so rewarding. This is also why I am sharing and revealing the before and after pictures ( including their dining room ) with you all. It is a perfect example of how simple principals can be applied to an existing space to create a completely different look and finishes style.

Kellie and her husband utilised simple pieces like artwork, cushions, throws, pineapples ( we all love a good pineapple homewares piece ) birds, candles, books, vases to style the space. What is even more fantastic is that they shopped at really accessible stores that have great products at great prices that won't break the bank.

Products that have been brought and used to style this living and dining room have been sourced from, Big W, Loot Homewares, Kmart, Bunnings, Ebay, Local Opshops, Target, Reject Shop, Groovy Homes, Impodino Gift Shop, Society6, Ikea and Masters... just to name a few. 

Just goes to show a price tag and fancy furniture stores are not always the answer and are not always the answer to style. 

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I want to thank Kellie for giving me the ability to share these photos with you all as a great example on how it easy it is with little details and colour to create a new look. I would also like to say that I am so proud and happy of the result that they have created and think their newly styled living and dining room looks great.

 Make sure you check out The Design Tribe later this week too, as we are guest posting about. 



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