Monday, 10 March 2014


Did you see The Block kitchen reveals last night? It was epic and I must say I think the judges were very harsh on the boys, their kitchen is so them and it wasn't cold at all! The only thing I didn't like was the stools... they could have been a little more inventive... maybe blue ones? Anyway, the twins moving the kitchen was a brilliant idea and totally something that I would have done too, the space is just a little too small for a kitchen otherwise. They did really nail the brief and deserved the win... but again the super K's just keep nailing it too. How amazing was their splash back? I loved the concept and the timber is just amazing. How good is Kyle... seriously?! Can he be my chippy? His timber work is beyond amazing, to have it so seamless like that on the pantry door is NOT easy and it looked great. His work is very high quality and that is what really gives the super K's their edge. I really like that Chantelle  and Steve think outside the square a little and I loved the positive of their Island but they didn't have the very important kitchen triangle down and I really think that is something you need to have down. A kitchen needs to look practical as well as amazing and be the heart of the home. I haven't had the pleasure of designing a new kitchen from scratch yet or design a bespoke kitchen so I am really looking forward to do that one day!!

All images as usual are sourced from The Block website and make sure to visit The Block Shop for all the information on the awesome products and artists. The artworks are beyond amazing don't you agree?!!

By the way, I am going to be fixing my commenting system down here on the blog so make sure you get involved and get commenting soon!!

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