Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Living a good and happy life is all we want to achieve and I believe this is not just achieved through material things but can be complemented by beautiful homewares and accessories that assist in creating your 'perfect' lifestyle. Have any of you ever been to Greece? I am dying to go and it is on my list of places I must visit, along with all of Europe again. Europeans seem to know how to live the life and are always striving for fun, happiness and a life that is good. This brings me to my new online homewares discovery of CITTA Designs, a New Zealand based design house that specialises in textile & homewares design.

Their 2013/2014 summer range is based on the inspirational life and culture of Greece. The designs are to captivate the culture and good feelings that are associated and cultivated around summer, lying in the sun and living in the present moment. A philosophy I believe so strongly in, so you can only imagine my love for this collection, 'Greece Under The Sun.' It is a really tough thing sometimes to translate emotions that we associate with a certain belief or inspiration and them communicate them successfully through your designs so they are able to connect with your clients. When it is achieved and achieved well, it makes for great design. This is what I felt immediately when I started sorting through the CITTA Designs catalogue, I immediately got it! It communicated to me the love of colour, Mediterranean, life and summer. The designs have meaning as well as purpose, which I really love. The colours are exciting and beautiful too, blues, oranges, yellow, white, reds all connecting us back to those days in the sun and the sense of living the good life.

To find out more make sure to head over to their online store and website by clicking here. Take some time to watch their video too, it really explains what they are about and how they go about giving you the opportunity to live the good life through their designs.

Check out some images from their 2013/2014 Greece, Under The Sun collection.

All images sourced from their website. 

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  1. Loving the colours in this post - thanks for making my Friday a little more brighter! x

    1. I know, aren't they beautiful? So glad I made your day! Thanks for following and commenting :) xx


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