Monday, 30 September 2013


So excited today because the dates and locations for The Design Files- Open House has been released, with the major news that it is coming to SYDNEY!! This is such an exciting time for the Sydney Design scene as it will give Lucy and her team the ability to showcase some new Sydney based talent as well as network with lots of fans and followers.

If you don't know much about The Design Files, it is one of Australia's most popular design blogs where the lovely Lucy shares all her inspirations and love for design, homes, interiors, food through her blog. The open house is where she gets the opportunity to showcase all that she talks about in her blog in real life. It is set out just like a home inspection, where visitors, readers and designers can all come together and get a real sense for the products she has showcased over the years. This great idea which she started in 2012 got such an amazing response it deserves to happen again in 2013 as well as bring the open house to Sydney.  The first open house begins November in Melbourne and early December here in Sydney, Surry Hills. This year I was actually going to make the trek down to the city that I love, Melbourne but seeming as it is coming to me... I have no real excuse for a "working holiday!" Oh, well, who has time for holidays anyway?

The open house is going to be such a great way of brining the blogging world and Australian design world together all in the same interior space. To top it off, Dulux is one of the major sponsors and assisting with some of their beautiful new colour range to bring the styling and open house to life. The space I can just image is going to be styled and turned into an interior that will be admired by many, including me.

To find out more about The Design Files & The Design Files Open House, check out this video below.

Video sourced from The Design Files Website which you can find by clicking here as well as read up on more of the exciting news that is TDF Open House.

Happy Monday,

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