Friday, 6 September 2013


I am very excited to announce today that in today's post I am sharing my first official review, where I received a cool new product that I get to talk about all from my perspective. 

A couple of months ago I wrote about how sleep habits and the importance of getting the right amount for your body. Personally, if I do not sleep well, I feel absolutely horrible, especially if it is over a couple of weeks. We almost spend about 25 years of our lives sleeping, which is massive.

 So, if we require it so much, then why does it often feel like such a hassle when we have to make our beds everyday, change our sheets and make your bedroom and bed look good. Well, I guess like anything, we should all take pride in the our interiors as we do our appearance, which means taking pride and thinking about how to do things to improve your quality of sleep and bedroom, to make yourself feel better and healthier.

I am always looking for new and cool products that allow for good style but are also functional at the same time. I had never heard of EcoSleep before, but the name definitely had me intrigued and so did their red linen. Now it is a bit of an interior and style fail on my part because my room is painted red... yes, it really needs an update, but it has been my favourite colour since 2004, so having red linen at the same time means RED OVERLOAD... but bear with me. Also, I know what you are thinking... yes, I know the year I decided it was my favourite colour because it was about the time I began to really develop my own sense of self and I decided that red was the colour for me because it was very vibrant and passionate. Two things many of you know are part of my personality so you can only imagine my delight when Jane from EcoSleep shares the same love of Red and wanted to send me the bed linen she has invented called COSHEE. Now, here is my review, full of the good, bad and the ugly... which I have to say, there is not much bad at all and really no ugly...except for me putting red on red.

Image sourced from the EcoSleep Website. Looking very smart indeed and against another red wall.
Red must be a very popular colour. 
I have to say, having your sheets arrive in a little ego friendly bag is a breath of fresh air and really clever, because it means that you can reuse it for storage when you want to change your sheets. If you are like me, I really hate folding sheets and then feel it is so messy in the cupboard when you put them away. So having packaging that you can reuse is a huge bonus and a really clever idea. I have been so sleep deprived over the last week that I have been counting the hours every afternoon to when I can hit the pillow, so on Tuesday when I finally got the chance to try out my new linen, I could not wait, especially because I knew I did not have to wash it first....double bonus!! I was not sure why I did not have to wash it first, but I was told you did not need to, so I followed instruction and felt like a little bit of a rebel because it followed with a strange facial expression from my mother... "you are not going to wash new sheets? " I also loved that there was not too many components to the linen as I soon discovered the top sheet came with the cover. Very clever and efficient way of combining the two, except I was looking to see if there was a matching fitted sheet to complete the look with.

I am one that likes to sleep with just a duvet cover, except for some reason, my bed never stays warm all night, which always wakes me up, so I was very keen to give it a go without any other sheets and just the duvet with the top sheet attached just for the sake of it. The first couple of nights was bliss, the top sheet and pillow cases are so comfortable and soft, but then on Thursday night I began to feel the cold a little and did have to grab an extra blanket, but at least I did not have to worry about taking off the top sheet at the same time.

Here is the product right down from unpacking it. 

Yes I did not have time to iron it before using it either, but if you ask me it still looks pretty good!
And yes i know, there is a lot of RED!

I really like the texture of the linen, it feels lush, soft and very comfortable against the skin. I also really like that it has some texture to it, which I thought may having been irritating against the face on the pillows, but I did not have any trouble at all. However, I feel that texture on linen is not for everyone, so possibility of having the option of a complete smooth surface may be a good alternative. That way you can mix up your bed linen too if you really wanted to, have your display pillows with texture and plain for the pillows you lay your head against.

Like I said, I did not know much about EcoSleep at all and what Coshee is all about, but after my experience I wanted to know much more. The linen is produced from natural cotton and natural bamboo giving it the amazing soft texture and it is a high thread count. This means it does not require any use of harsh chemicals during production, hence the not needing to wash it before use. It is entirely developed with the concept of functionality as well as style, less is more on a bed and not having 5 sheets to wash all at once and strip when making your bed. Which for me and many others a positive as it also means you save on washing time and water because the top sheet is attached to the duvet cover and can be removed if need be.

One thing is for sure, my cushions look amazing against my new Coshee linen. 

The top sheet and the duvet cover are connected, which makes for a very smart design. It is detachable if you want
to remove it and keep it separate, but I have no idea why you would to do that. 
Now one of the things I want to point out is that I did not know much about Coshee at all before using it and or reading anything about it further. The EcoSleep website is full of great information about it's use and production however I feel that once I knew more about it, it did not sway my already made up mind that Coshee is a hot well designed and user friendly product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for smart bedding and wanting to make their bed look smart... and by the way... I am not just saying that because I have to.

Find out a lot more about Jane herself and the EcoSleep team by visiting their website and while you are at it invest in Coshee and see for yourself how great it is.

A very special to Jane for making this review possible and giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on your product. I hope you love it as much as I loved sleeping in your Coshee product




  1. Glad you liked our Coshee bed set Jeanette and we hope you have many more sleep filled nights under our cover!

    1. I have been! I have not even taken it off. It is fantastic!! Thanks again the post is the most viewed and the favourite post from the last 7 day :)


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