Thursday, 26 September 2013


Do you love your home? Or where you live? These are pretty loaded questions for a Thursday, but I think it is important to love the space you inhabit and spend a lot of your time in. My point in today's post is to give you a little of inspiration to bring meaning and purpose to your spaces. Whether it be a tiny area or a whole house, it is really important to bring purpose and meaning into those areas so that they not only serve a particular function but assist to create a space that is your own. I think you can achieve this by bringing meaning to particular tasks or objects so that you can create even more of a reason to do those dreaded chores around the home. For example, the mundane task of doing laundry. Who really loves to do laundry?... Well, not may people because it is a normal boring task, but what if you added meaning to something that has a purpose, like a washing basket. Instead of having a really ugly washing basket or laundry area, why don't you mix it up with some nice accessories or a colourful basket to make the task a lot more enjoyable? Same goes for your dishes, same goes for your pantry organisation. If you bring those mundane areas to life with colourful tupperware, labels, or something that brings meaning to your day to day routine, it brings a whole lot more fun and purpose to what you are doing.

I believe you can apply this theory to your entire home as I often get asked, how do I make it reflect who we are? Is it really annoying to have pictures of our family all over our walls? Well, no, because they are meaningful to you and if you bring a purpose to the collection of images, it will become a true reflection of your personalities. Instead of dedicating five walls to family photos, pick one and add in an artwork to mix it up and create a gallery style setting. (More on this in the coming weeks ) Maybe you change the colours and textures of the frames so it all works together. Maybe you bring more meaning by framing some of the kids art works. Having them situated like this gives you a lot of room to play and even move them around when you want to. Even if you have a really long shelf you can place items from your travels and objects you love onto it and create an open display of your treasures. By doing this it brings meaning and purpose to your space and it is also helps to turn normal things that you store into display items.

Think about how you can bring purpose to your environment even to the most boring of tasks and then inspire you all at the same time. Here are some images from my Pinterest to inspire. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, head over to the top of the right tool bar and click on the 'P'.

Hope you have had a great Thursday,

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