Monday, 9 September 2013


I am working on the biggest project I have ever tackled by myself, but it is extremely rewarding already and liberating because the brief is anything but conventional. It is fun, wacky and completely out there with complete instructions to make sure things actually do not really match. Complement of course but match? Why would we do that?! It is to be bright, vibrant and completely left of centre. Some of you may not know, sometimes well majority of the times, depending on circumstance and brief the design process takes lots of time and refining as you go by. Refinement is key and completely essential... you should have seen our first meeting... like 10 different books of fabrics and patterns AND ideas.

I am not revealing where and for what this project is for because it will reveal itself in due time but here are some behind the scenes action on the progress. Also, I have featured an amazing chair that was re upholstered for absolutely nothing! It is not for this project but it looks beyond amazing and would be so funky in the right context.

Not for this project but loved the result of the new upholstered seat, which inspired the fabric choice
for the project I am working on. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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