Friday, 13 September 2013


Today in my Feature Friday post I am introducing you to one of my most recent connections and relationships with the lovely Jess and her team from Oriental Grove. I love creating new resources and connect with like minded people so it was an absolute please when Jess introduced me to this wholesale business that creates their hand crafted furniture from reclaimed hardwood. 

Oriental Grove are a wholesaler located in Melbourne Australia and their furniture is targeted to the residential and commerical interiors. I think it is such a great opportunity to have a wide range of furniture and homewares resources especially when they offer such unique and environmentally friendly pieces. It is so refreshing to have such great products like this on the market and furniture that offers a point of difference. What I really like about Oriental Grove is the raw nature and hand crafted detailing in their work. It makes every piece feel so unique and can really add that interesting talking point to your home or commercial space. The shapes are traditional yet modern, especially with their great timber stool ranges that come in my favorite colour red and black. 

They aim to create a fusion between Eastern and Western styles which I feel they achieve successfully, even with a modern raw edge. They really pride themselves on having environmentally friendly business and production practices by using reclaimed timber to primarily create their designs. The products are not just full of history but are brought back to life and in a way become timeless. 
Oriental Grove are definitely and up and coming furniture wholesaler and designers who are also working to showcase unique ideas on their "ideas" page to give their customers and readers advice on how to use their products in a unique and inspiring way. 

Here are just some of my favorites from their website. 

Find out more about Oriental Grove by visiting their website and liking their facebook page.



Special thanks to Jess and her team for allowing me to post about Oriental Grove today! We cannot wait to see more amazing furniture and design ideas from you.
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