Thursday, 5 September 2013


I have been a little missing in action I know, it has been a bit of a crazy couple of days at JDZ HQ, but nothing we cannot handle and no rest for the weak! You all know how I love to spin my own opinion on trends and fads that are coming in and out of the design world, interiors or not, but this one topic I have actually steered clear of on purpose. Why? Because it has been a super hot topic for majority of this year, so why be the 30,000th person to talk about it when it is a hot topic then be the 1 person who talks about when it needs a little attention again. Pantone every year announce and predict what the hot colour is for the year. It was predicted that the hot colour for the year 2013 was EMERALD! It is funny when you do not often think about a topic, object or colour in a particular way until someone makes it very popular. I have not ever really used emerald or green as a colour for any projects and not because I did not think of it but because I have not had the right brief and I usually associate it with outdoor environments rather than interiors.

Well, with this pantone prediction, also came the introduction of the colour into fashion, wallpaper and homewares, which you may have seen around here and there. I did not know this but in some European countries Emerald or Green is to be considered the colour of luck and good fortune. To me it is also a power colour, not green per say but a rich Emerald definitely exudes power. It is also bright, warming and cool, I think all at the same time. How hard is it to get a colour that can be all three? So hard! And I think that hues of it used in different objects gives it the ability to be all those three things at once. I also love it for a good pop of colour for an outfit, accessory or dress and you will see it appearing a lot more this spring and summer through wallpapers and accessories as the theme and trend begins to lean more toward tropics and citrus.

Here are some images from my Pinterest to inspire a little Emerald into your world. Would you be as brave to use it in an interior? Do you like Emerald? Do you not? I'd love to hear from you and what you think.

I promise to post again today to make up for missing yesterday.


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