Friday, 20 September 2013


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of heading down to the Sydney Unique fabric showroom for a special tour and introduction to their latest collections. I absolutely loved it and seeming as I am specifying some unique fabrics for the upcoming residential project I am working on, it only seemed fitting I feature it today and give you a special behind the scenes look at the great showroom they have.

What I really love about looking for a great pattern and fabric is going into the showrooms themselves, they are often like a library, quite, peaceful and full of treasures waiting to be discovered. I really liked how Unique has their fabrics set out, colour co-ordinated and arranged via upholstery/ drapery/ high end/ outdoor/ wallpaper etc. Visually I respond so much better to things when they are hung up vertically and the fabrics are not looking at me directly in the face as I like to browse and often a really small amount of colour and pattern will get my attention. What I also find really interesting about patterns and fabrics is that you often have to really think about them on a larger surface, and I really loved how at Unique you have these large surface draft style desks that you can lay out all your hangers and unfold the fabrics to see them in more detail. It is amazing sometimes the beauty in a pattern that often gets over looked because it is only a small cutting, so it was really great to see some of the fabrics on a much larger scale and understand the widths, pattern repeat and design. This way you may pick a fabric for an upholstery of an armchair that maybe you may have over looked before.

My favourite Unique ranges are the Textilia range and the Andrew Martin ranges. They have such great choices and amazing colour ways. What we are seeing really come through for the next season of Summer and 2014 is orange, especially your more rustic burnt orange colour ways.  Tribal, aztec, stylised aztec is still huge, which are patterns I love very much as well as new softer water colour prints in soft pastel colours.

Here is a sneak peek into my tour around one of my fabric suppliers Unique.

All photographs taken by JDZ herself and if you would like to have a look at Unique's website. 


JDZ x                
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