Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Have you had your own 2014 Ikea catalogue delivered to your door step yet? Well, if you have you would know how amazing it is and loving all the new products that they have on offer for some great prices. One of my other clients at the moment is a first home buyer and we are working together to achieve her own amazing first home in Sydney. The brief is Indiana Jones, which is a very cool brief to be working to and obviously it is not in the context of the movies but more in the context of what Indiana Jones represents. When I think Indiana Jones, I think quirky, I think browns, earth tones, greys, neutrals and maybe a little hint of cool patterns.

What I love about the new Ikea catalogue and Ikea in general is that it makes some great products really accessible to everyone and it is great for the first home owner who is looking to furnish their new pad with a very limited budget. Ikea is pretty much a one stop shop and because it has such a variety you can really find a huge mixture of different products that will allow you to create a really effortless cool looking interior. The new catalogue and products for 2014 to me are better than ever. They have introduced some great new pendant lights which are very trendy and affordable as well as their living products and new kitchen designs. The furniture is not only affordable but functional for those who do not have the biggest of spaces. Even though my clients space for her living area is not large, the loft style apartment has a great orientation and allows for the use of a good sized drop side dining table from Ikea that she can extend when she has more than a couple of guests. Once the project is under wraps I will release the mood board and more of the inspiration behind the new home. In the mean time here are my favourite pages from the new Ikea Catalogue as well as my top ten places to find bargains for your budget.

I'd love my studio to look like this! 

Very cool patterned tiles. 

Loving this monochrome kitchen look. 

How great is this bathroom tile and design combination? I am loving it! 

My favourite new product from Ikea!! How great is it and look at the price! 

Loving this look and the feel of the chandelier. 

Here is my top ten go to guide on places that have cool furniture and homewares on a budget. They are in no particular order :

1. Ikea
2. Oz Design
3. Freedom
4. Matt Blatt
5. West Elm
6. The Home
7. Glicks Furniture
8. Temple & Webster 
9. Click on Furniture
10. Zanui

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday,

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