Friday, 27 September 2013


I am using Feature Friday today to introduce a new topic that I am going to be discussing on the blog over the next couple of months. JDZ is going international... talking about international design trends, inspiration, cities and history. There is so much to be said for all the different countries around the world that play a part in influencing the design world. There is a huge emphasis on environmentally friendly design as well as many new technologies that assist in creating beautiful and functional products. Just like here in Sydney with Sydney Indesign, London have their own huge design festival which promotes them as one of the leading countries to influence design globally. As part of the festival there are a series of installations and activities everyone can take part in, to educate and inform the world on new materials and design principals. The London Design Festival ran this year from mid September to the 22nd and even though it has now finished there are still serval installations that are located around the city which really demonstrates the advance nature of their design thinking and creativity. I have been to London and it was an amazing place that I fell in love with, but just like anywhere, you either love it or really hate it. For me it was not only culturally diverse but had so much creativity and inspiration to be admired. The galleries had hundreds of artworks and history that I studied all through my high school days and University which I found fascinating to see in person. The thousand year old structures, urban planning, city layout juxtaposed with modern architecture is amazing. The city itself has so much history because it is so much older than Sydney. I did however, feel like I was some what at home when I was roaming the streets of London city... no surprise really.

Over the next couple of months JDZ will be posting about international design and cities that are influencing and inspiring me through my design practice, so keep a look out. Today take some time to have a look through the videos and experience the interesting installation and information the Endless Stair has to offer outside the Tate Modern now in London. 

All images and videos have been sourced from The London Design Festival website, which you can access by clicking here. 

Have a great weekend, 
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