Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Here are some more Behind The Scenes today at one of the projects we are working on at JDZ HQ. I showed you recently a little update on this exact loft giving you some insight into the brief and what is installed for making this first home buyers new place amazing. Originally it had this very overpowering dark emerald green which you can see in the action shots below. Regardless of emerald being a hot colour for 2013, it really was not working for this space, a little too over powering for a small sized living and master bed. Also, we want to make sure we have some great resale value added to this place, incase the owner wants to sell in the next five to ten years, so we are going to focus on bringing a lot more colour accents through the accessories of the home rather than the walls.

Paint colour choices are from Dulux and we have gone for a warmish but not pinkish off white that contrasts very well with a warm grey. That will bring a very nice contemporary edge to the loft as well as giving it some character. We will also be introducing a very funky and awesome wallpaper print that is going to bring the Master Bedroom to life. We cannot wait to share that with you... but you will have to wait ... just a little.

Here are some action shots from the work that is currently being done on the loft.

Dark emerald green ... be gone!

Looking forward to keeping you updated on the progress and transformation.

Happy Mid Week All,

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