Monday, 10 February 2014


Weekly now that room reveals have begun I will be sharing my choice of the room that I think worked the best and all the exciting products that I loved from last nights episode. All the couples did an amazing job and I really do agree that the standard for the rooms has risen, which means that the style of rooms we will be seeing are going to be of a very high quality... and I cannot really wait. There was not one room that I really didn't like last night and I really do think the scores were very fair! The Twins too the first win out and it was completely deserved, they really do know how to put a  room together and what really won it for me was the drapery and the way the orientated the room.

My next fav was the K team, who really nailed it with their styling plus Kyle is a machine!! How great is he at making things? They really are killing it with all of his skills and they do still pay attention to detail. I feel like each couple definitely have their own style and are fitting the brief well, so very much looking forward to the bathroom reveals this week.

What did you think of this weeks room reveals? Did you think the Twins deserved to win?

Attached are several links to all the products that I loved from last nights room revel!

How awesome are the timber doors? I think it is a great idea to incorporate unique entry points by using different materials for doors. 

All images sourced from The Block site which you can visit


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