Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Whenever you are looking for inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, I always look to imagery and magazines, but most importantly, I often need to get myself into a zone and look within to let my creativity flow. It is really important for all of us to connect with that creativity that is hidden within us as much as possible, it just allows you to escape a little of the rat race many of us are caught up in daily. Getting creative wether it is through DIY projects, renovating, art, writing or playing music, it can really speak to your soul ( sorry to be cheesy ) but it is true and it is always a huge question many people struggle with... how to channel that creativity? Or live and work in the creative field? How do you succeed being creative? Well, the answers are below.

Decoration + Design trade fair started in Sydney today ( which I will be attending tomorrow) and one of the headlining interior designers giving lots of inspiration and talks during the fair is Shannon Fricke . She is an expert at living a creative life personally and in her work. She is also very passionate about informing everyone on how to make your creativity work for you. It is so important that everyday we live our lives being our most authentic selves and if that means channeling your creativity and being true to yourself, then do it. To me that is more success than anything else, it is what I do everyday and despite the journey being difficult at times, the reward at being happy everyday and achieving your dreams is worth it.

My advice: Live Your Dreams & Make Your Creative Self Shine ( JDZ Original )

Videos have been sourced directly from Shannon's website.
You can find more about her and see her work here
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