Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I was having a chat with one of my closest girlfriends recently and she was telling me how her positive thinking of something that she really wanted actually came true. Everyday she was thinking positively and affirming her thoughts through her actions of saying positive affirmations regarding the topic everyday. She was saying... it was like a miracle. Yes ok, cheesy whatever, but skeptics really need to realise that this concept and thought processes you have really do effect your life and outcomes. It is all about your perspective which then allows you to respond to situations and or your life in a better manner. We were saying, wow if we applied this type of thinking to EVERYTHING in our lives, how amazing would it be? Now this is different to posting on Facebook three times a day positive images and instagraming them over and over again, because sharing them on social media consistently isn't exactly what we are talking about and that is not how it is going to remind you to change your life. It is something that must be applied in every aspect of your day and it has to be something that you honestly believe it as belief her is the key.

I really feel, affirmations are something that is personal to everyone and something that should be adopted through a belief system, so then my question to you is, how to incorporate it into your personal life rather than your personal social media. ( Now that doesn't mean you can't share anything, because I do, but I only share things that I really do believe myself, believe in and try to practice ) This brings me to the popularity trend of turning simple affirmations into artworks, which allow you to have daily reminders in your home in an artistic and stylish way. This allows you to personally pick things and words that really mean something to you and by brining them into your space allows you to remind yourself personally of what inspires you.

Here are some great resources for some really simple affirmation artworks or symbols that can add style to your inspiration and your beliefs for your home.

Artworks and Wall Flags can be found on Blacklist Store Website

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